About Us


Since 2010


 The Kiwi Lounge Women's Clothing Store was inspired by a desire to create a shopping experience that honored my favorite feminine styles that were hard to find in my small town.

The Kiwi Lounge Clothing Store began in 2010 after a trip to NYC. I was working for a jewelry company then and was immersed in fashion at the trade shows seeing all the latest up-and-coming styles. I spent one afternoon out at the city boutiques and saw so many amazing things but ones that were way out of my single mother-of-two price range at the time.

So I decided to curate a collection of my most loved fashion favorites with great quality and prices you can feel good about. I hand-select everything we carry based on quality, a gut feeling, and the desire to offer something unique to my customers that makes them feel special, get excited, and feel good about pampering themselves.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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